Window & Floor Coverings

Decorative Coverings for your Floors and Windows

We know that selecting the ideal solution for your windows and floors can be overwhelming … that’s why our clients seek Village Interior’s professional interior design advice to answer the questions that often come with the important task of covering windows and floors. Be it curtains, blinds, shades or shutters to bring in our block out the morning light, or hardwood, plush carpet, or decorative cement to protect your property’s floors, we will find the right choice for the purpose, space, and budget at hand.

Residential and Commercial Window Treatments

For a soft look, curtains are an ideal window covering and are available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns that can be styled to present a casual or formal appearance. Providing light filtration for your room, blinds and shades can provide a complementary design element and also improve air circulation and just the amount of light that you desire.

Flooring Options for Home or Office

When one thinks of all of the options that are now available to add style to the floors of your office or home, it can be overwhelming. What was once a choice of carpet, wood or tile is now a vast universe of textures, colors, grains, stone, and weaves. Today, there are a variety of ideas from which to choose from exotic hardwoods to hand-painted tiles, textured rugs, carefully crafted carpets, and designer concrete.

Floor to Ceiling Design Solutions

When you have questions about decorating ideas for your windows and floors, we have the answers.


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